Lissa Trill

Lissa is 2' 8" and has short black hair and sharp green eyes.


Class: Ranger
Combat style: Ranged
Favored Enemy: Undead

Str: 8
Dex: 19
Con: 13
Int: 11
Wis: 15
Cha: 19

AC: 18
Touch: 15
Flat-foot: 14
Against favored enemies: 22

Fort: 5 (2 against fear)
Ref: 8 (
2 against fear)
Will: 3 (+2 against fear)


Lissa doesn’t talk about her childhood much. “It is in the past,” she says. “The past should stay where it belongs.” All she will say is that at a young age her family was attacked by undead and she was the only survivor.
She wandered the wilderness for a long time, learning to love the forest. The cities were bad either. They were certainly safer for a little halfling like her, but where is the fun in safety?
While wandering one day, she came upon an adventurer locked in combat with an undead. He didn’t look like he was doing very well. Quickly, Lissa took aim with her long bow she used for hunting and landed an arrow straight between the undead’s eyes just as it was about to land a heavy blow on the adventurer. The undead dropped to the ground and the adventurer finished the creature off by cutting off its head.
The adventurer, who told her his name was Certic, was very grateful and impressed by Lissa’s skill with a bow. It turned out he was a ranger and he offered to train her in repayment for saving his life. Lissa had dreamed of being an adventurer, but never thought she would attain the goal. She accepted immediately and her training began.
Two years later, Lissa had just about completed her training with Certic. She was out gathering rabbits for their dinner when she heard a terrible scream from the cabin they had been staying in. She dropped the rabbits and ran back. Certic was fighting off a horde of undead with his two blades, but he was already badly injured and outnumbered five to one.
Thinking fast, Lissa clumsily and with much difficulty climbed a nearby tree and rained a storm of arrows down upon the undead as quickly as she could. The combat was hard and long, but the last undead finally fell to a might blow from Certic’s blades.
Upon the combat ending, Certic fell to his knees and dropped his swords. Lissa ran to him as he collapsed to the ground. Lissa tried to go get a potion from inside, but Certic told her it was already too late. She sat with her trainer as he died, praying to every deity she had any affiliation with to save him. Her prayers were not answered though and Certic took his last breath while she held his hand.
That day she decided no gods were good or merciful and she wanted none of their divine magic granted to rangers. She would fight without their unreliable aid.
It wasn’t long after that she found herself in the company of the strange and oft times tactless dwarf rogue Draven in Sandpoint for the celebration of their new church.

Lissa Trill

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