Rise of the Runelords

Thistletop and below...

3 January, 2013:

After taking care of the druid and his familiar we rested for enough time to regain our strength. Finding the location of the head was easy enough; it was attached to a long rope bridge with an even longer drop. The grassy top of the head was covered by a fortified encampment, but one of wood, easily toppled. Crossing the bridge in pairs we had no issues getting to the other side, and the gates there. A tower stood to both left and right, with sounds of argument coming from the right; nothing to the left. The scaling of the tower by the monk and his subsequent subduing of the two guards on the top was simple enough; throwing one from the tower, the other being beaten into submission. Biding our time at the gate the monk moved down the encampment, letting us in. Taking care of the other tower was simple enough; a few swipes of my axe saw two dead goblins. Taking the time here to rain death on those creatures in the courtyard made our next job much easier.
Moving on into the fort we found a black stallion in a stable of sorts, very malnourished. The ranger was able to calm it, letting it have the courtyard until we returned for it. Moving through the fort we encountered a sleeping quarter, the monk and ranger doing what they were able, with the wizard finishing off the remainder of the rooms occupants. The door next lead down a set of stairs, which was decided to leave until we had dealt with the level.
Moving on we came to a throne room of sorts, with a goblin leader riding a lizard, several warriors and a priest of sorts. Knowing the damage a priest can inflict, I went directly for it, though being unable to kill it swiftly. The others followed, and soon we had the goblin leader cowering in a corner through a spell of the wizards. Finishing the remainder of the cronies, and moving on to the leader we killed him, the ranger taking the lizard as a prize mount.
The room beyond was obviously the goblin leaders, possessing a desk and keys, much of which we confiscated. Continuing we found more small rooms with nothing of note. The last room found the privy; where, somehow, the monk detected a secret door, where we found a trapped chest, looting it netted quite a treasure trove. We will split these later.

And below…

The last door led us down the stairs into the head. A planning room for the remainder of the attack on Sandpoint, including the next several weeks’ worth of plans (which have been quite foiled). Here we found a human woman, who was subdued, and questioned. The woman is to be remanded into custody of the Sandpoint sheriff who will keep her for “questioning” as to her involvement in the attacks. Our questions revealed she worked for Newalia, a demon, who is likely farther into the head.
Returning to Sandpoint with the woman and the treasures found was a simple affair, and the return trip to the ancient statue head was uneventful, and we plan on furthering the exploration of it upon the morrow.



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