Rise of the Runelords

The Annoying Quasit

We Continued our search of the underground caverens. The begining was odd with 3 cells with small mishappen skeletons. The mage said it looked like whatever was in charge of this place was doing experaments on humanoids. We ventured a bit deeper and found that there was a tourcher chamber here as well…How could any of this be going on right below the townsfolk’s feet? Eventualy we came to a new room, I decided that I should take the lead being that we were down to only myself, the mage and the Gnome, where that dwarf went I’ve no idea. But I digress. I snuck into the large room around the pitfalls and saw the strangest looking goblin I’ve ever come across. It had 3 arm’s(each holding a different weapon, A finely made ax, a silver dagger and a magical sword), was hunch backed and one of it’s eyes was much bigger then then other. It seemed irritated but it’s mutterings were in it’s own foul language and I couldn’t understand it. So I snuck up beside it and attacked it by surpise.(I guess that large eye is just for show.)After hearing my attack my companions came in to attack it as well. Dispite it haveing 3 arms and weapons to attack me with it could not hit me. I guess all thouse years at the temple paid off.

After we killed the thing and stripped it of it’s weapons we discovered that there were zombies in the pitfalls. We let the mage take care of them while the Gnome, Lissa told me that the Goblin we had killed was the lost Champion of the 7 Tooth Tribe and was named Karuvus who is now considered a type of boogyman to the other Goblins(perhaps i can use this nformation to my advantage). After takeing care of the Zombies we continued to explore and found an earrie sphere room were gravity didnt seem to work. The mage gathered the important items(a wand a magic scroll and a book writen in some strange evil language) in the room useing his magic. I heald onto the book for eveyones protection until we discover what it is for.

While we cleared out the room Lissa got a message to return to town as there were a few new adventures to join us so we went back up and sold many of our prizes that we didnt need. Its strange to have so much money. There were 2 new heroes, one was a Halfling mounted on a wolf she went by the name of Irie Littleknight, the other was a Sylf Witch whos name I beleive was Mae’l. We returned to this strange place to explore the rooms we missed and came across a room with a pedestal filled with dirty water, I tested it with the silver dagger and nothing happend. But we still had a bad feeling about it so we left it be. Upon continueing to the next room there was a fountain with pikes with skulls on top compleatly around i. And a strange liquid in the back. There were also 2 so called Wrath Chickens so while the Mage put one to sleep I went to battle the other. As I single handedly took it out with nothing but a scratch some sort of Imp, I belive a Quasit, attacked the others. But I went to finish off the other Wrath Chicken seeing as I had no ranged weapons. But after even the second was defeated the Creature was still fighting my compaions. So I went up to it and taunted it to bring it to my level. It worked, so myself and the Mage kept trying to grab ahold of the small slippery bitch but to no avail. Finaly after a long anoying fight we suceaded to kill the damn thing. I went to look at the Strange liquid in the back and discovered it was liquid Wrath. Wanting to discover more about it and also thinking it could be useful I tryed to carefuly bottle some so as to take it with us… That’s were it gets Hazzy… My companions…Im sorry…



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