Rise of the Runelords

Clearing the Well and Thistletop

Clearing the Well and Thistletop… , 20 December 2012

Meeting the sheriff of Sandpoint in answer to their call for adventurers I, Kheldon Fireheart, met with a group of adventurers who were coming back to rest for the night. Promised 500 gp for helping to stop the goblin invasion, and then promised additional funds from a human monk, Ryuu by name, for helping the others subdue this monk, I agree to accompany this party.

The road out of town, through the woods to the shoreline and the entrance to the underground complex was somewhat eventful, a flock of carrion birds, undead ones at that, beset us. Continuing from there we entered the cave, exploring some more, finding a collapsed tunnel where I proceeded to dig through to the surface at Tower St and Junkers Way. The sheriff was notified and a guard posted.

The main room here, where we found the wayward monk (who didn’t need subdued…) held an old well, filled with a substance that created creatures, but expended the substance. We created several to deplete this supply of liquid, denying its use to any others that might attempt it. Having figured out that we need several days’ worth of Holy Water to destroy the well, we called upon the local priest to create such for us.

Returning to Sandpoint we met with an elven ranger who had some information for us, the location of the likely goblin staging point. Thistletop, several miles distant to the North-East. We decided to walk there. Entering Thistletop the party encountered several refugee goblins, which were quickly slain. The following “rooms” were filled with a mixture of goblins and goblin dogs, which were also dispatched. The final room where we found a striped cat and a goblin druid was a much more satisfying engagement. Several useful items were found and confiscated here. Resting after this fight was natural, and we posted watch and took our rest, to continue on to the real encampment the next morning. This encampment we learned was the head of a great statue from a previous empire. These statues typically had many layers and rooms inside them, and we’re expecting as much in this one…



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