Rise of the Runelords

Arriving in Sandpoint

I have arrived in Sandpoint for their celebration. It’s a bustling little town. Perhaps I can find a new home here. The people seem friendly enough.
I’ve met another adventurer, a Dwarf rogue named Draven. He’s a strange man. Very paranoid. But we are both new and he seems to be friendly enough. We’ve agreed to stick together for a time.
Just as the ceremonies are starting, there is a scream and goblins began appearing out of no where. These people are helpless against the swarm of monsters. Draven and I decide it is our duty as adventurers to help them in their time of need.
The battles are…difficult. Draven has an eccentric way of handling things. He tried to flip a cart with a goblin on it several times. He wasn’t very successful. I used a much more effective method and just fired my bow at the goblins.
Unfortunately, we were swarmed. I thought we were surly dead. Thankfully for us, the guards showed up in the nick of time and helped us.
While we were cleaning up, we heard a dog yelp. We ran to its aid and found several more goblins and a hideous goblin dog attacking a nobleman and his dog. Sadly, we did not save the dog. The nobleman, one Aldren Foxglove, was very grateful for our help and said he would like us to join him for a hunt.
When we returned to Sandpoint, we were crowned the heroes of Sandpoint for our service. The people are very thankful. Draven and I discuss it and decide we’ll stick around to investigate their goblin problem.
The next day, we go to Aldren’s manor to join him for a hunt. He gifts us with horses to thank us for saving him. I’ve never ridden something as large as this. It’s rather intimidating.
We went for a marvelous hunt. Aldren seems rather impressed with my bow skills. He seems rather impressed by me in general. He’s a very sweet man. A bit strange at times, but very nice. I’m glad to have saved him.
Draven, Aldren, and I then went back to the Inn we were staying at to have the owner Amiko Kaijitsu cook up our catch. Not long into our celebration, a man bursts in and begins yelling in some language I don’t understand. Amiko comes out and yells right back at him in the language. He gets upset at Draven and I for helping the town and then he leaves. Aldren informs us that was Amiko’s father Lonjiku Kaijitsu. He owns the glass works in town.
After Aldren leaves, Draven and I find a woman who is screaming about a monster in her home. We go with her to try to assist her husband and child, but apparently a goblin who had been hiding in the son’s closet had eaten the father’s face. Rather gruesome stuff. We gather as many clues as we can from the goblin, who thankfully spoke Common, as well as the room itself. We find out the goblins are being led by someone not of their race. One of the tall races. They call them “long shanks”.
On our way to speak to the sheriff, one of the workers from the inn comes to us and tells us Amiko is missing and she is likely at the glass works. We agree to go look for her.
Of course we just found more Goblins when we got there. I’m beginning to hate these things. Draven and I hunt down every single one of them and kill them. They’ve murdered not only the workers, but also Lonjiku as well. His death was more sophisticated than the deaths of the workers. He is stuck to a window, now cooled molten glass poured over his body. More gruesome stuff.
We search the glass works and find Amiko tied up in a closet. She tells us that her brother Tsuto is behind this and he was the one that killed their father. We let her go and search around some more. We soon found Tsuto and some goblins, dispatching the goblins and capturing him. We try to find out more from him, but he’s less than inclined to cooperate. I knock him out and we begin our journey to bring him to the sheriff.



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