Rise of the Runelords

Thistletop and below...

3 January, 2013:

After taking care of the druid and his familiar we rested for enough time to regain our strength. Finding the location of the head was easy enough; it was attached to a long rope bridge with an even longer drop. The grassy top of the head was covered by a fortified encampment, but one of wood, easily toppled. Crossing the bridge in pairs we had no issues getting to the other side, and the gates there. A tower stood to both left and right, with sounds of argument coming from the right; nothing to the left. The scaling of the tower by the monk and his subsequent subduing of the two guards on the top was simple enough; throwing one from the tower, the other being beaten into submission. Biding our time at the gate the monk moved down the encampment, letting us in. Taking care of the other tower was simple enough; a few swipes of my axe saw two dead goblins. Taking the time here to rain death on those creatures in the courtyard made our next job much easier.
Moving on into the fort we found a black stallion in a stable of sorts, very malnourished. The ranger was able to calm it, letting it have the courtyard until we returned for it. Moving through the fort we encountered a sleeping quarter, the monk and ranger doing what they were able, with the wizard finishing off the remainder of the rooms occupants. The door next lead down a set of stairs, which was decided to leave until we had dealt with the level.
Moving on we came to a throne room of sorts, with a goblin leader riding a lizard, several warriors and a priest of sorts. Knowing the damage a priest can inflict, I went directly for it, though being unable to kill it swiftly. The others followed, and soon we had the goblin leader cowering in a corner through a spell of the wizards. Finishing the remainder of the cronies, and moving on to the leader we killed him, the ranger taking the lizard as a prize mount.
The room beyond was obviously the goblin leaders, possessing a desk and keys, much of which we confiscated. Continuing we found more small rooms with nothing of note. The last room found the privy; where, somehow, the monk detected a secret door, where we found a trapped chest, looting it netted quite a treasure trove. We will split these later.

And below…

The last door led us down the stairs into the head. A planning room for the remainder of the attack on Sandpoint, including the next several weeks’ worth of plans (which have been quite foiled). Here we found a human woman, who was subdued, and questioned. The woman is to be remanded into custody of the Sandpoint sheriff who will keep her for “questioning” as to her involvement in the attacks. Our questions revealed she worked for Newalia, a demon, who is likely farther into the head.
Returning to Sandpoint with the woman and the treasures found was a simple affair, and the return trip to the ancient statue head was uneventful, and we plan on furthering the exploration of it upon the morrow.

Clearing the Well and Thistletop

Clearing the Well and Thistletop… , 20 December 2012

Meeting the sheriff of Sandpoint in answer to their call for adventurers I, Kheldon Fireheart, met with a group of adventurers who were coming back to rest for the night. Promised 500 gp for helping to stop the goblin invasion, and then promised additional funds from a human monk, Ryuu by name, for helping the others subdue this monk, I agree to accompany this party.

The road out of town, through the woods to the shoreline and the entrance to the underground complex was somewhat eventful, a flock of carrion birds, undead ones at that, beset us. Continuing from there we entered the cave, exploring some more, finding a collapsed tunnel where I proceeded to dig through to the surface at Tower St and Junkers Way. The sheriff was notified and a guard posted.

The main room here, where we found the wayward monk (who didn’t need subdued…) held an old well, filled with a substance that created creatures, but expended the substance. We created several to deplete this supply of liquid, denying its use to any others that might attempt it. Having figured out that we need several days’ worth of Holy Water to destroy the well, we called upon the local priest to create such for us.

Returning to Sandpoint we met with an elven ranger who had some information for us, the location of the likely goblin staging point. Thistletop, several miles distant to the North-East. We decided to walk there. Entering Thistletop the party encountered several refugee goblins, which were quickly slain. The following “rooms” were filled with a mixture of goblins and goblin dogs, which were also dispatched. The final room where we found a striped cat and a goblin druid was a much more satisfying engagement. Several useful items were found and confiscated here. Resting after this fight was natural, and we posted watch and took our rest, to continue on to the real encampment the next morning. This encampment we learned was the head of a great statue from a previous empire. These statues typically had many layers and rooms inside them, and we’re expecting as much in this one…

The Annoying Quasit

We Continued our search of the underground caverens. The begining was odd with 3 cells with small mishappen skeletons. The mage said it looked like whatever was in charge of this place was doing experaments on humanoids. We ventured a bit deeper and found that there was a tourcher chamber here as well…How could any of this be going on right below the townsfolk’s feet? Eventualy we came to a new room, I decided that I should take the lead being that we were down to only myself, the mage and the Gnome, where that dwarf went I’ve no idea. But I digress. I snuck into the large room around the pitfalls and saw the strangest looking goblin I’ve ever come across. It had 3 arm’s(each holding a different weapon, A finely made ax, a silver dagger and a magical sword), was hunch backed and one of it’s eyes was much bigger then then other. It seemed irritated but it’s mutterings were in it’s own foul language and I couldn’t understand it. So I snuck up beside it and attacked it by surpise.(I guess that large eye is just for show.)After hearing my attack my companions came in to attack it as well. Dispite it haveing 3 arms and weapons to attack me with it could not hit me. I guess all thouse years at the temple paid off.

After we killed the thing and stripped it of it’s weapons we discovered that there were zombies in the pitfalls. We let the mage take care of them while the Gnome, Lissa told me that the Goblin we had killed was the lost Champion of the 7 Tooth Tribe and was named Karuvus who is now considered a type of boogyman to the other Goblins(perhaps i can use this nformation to my advantage). After takeing care of the Zombies we continued to explore and found an earrie sphere room were gravity didnt seem to work. The mage gathered the important items(a wand a magic scroll and a book writen in some strange evil language) in the room useing his magic. I heald onto the book for eveyones protection until we discover what it is for.

While we cleared out the room Lissa got a message to return to town as there were a few new adventures to join us so we went back up and sold many of our prizes that we didnt need. Its strange to have so much money. There were 2 new heroes, one was a Halfling mounted on a wolf she went by the name of Irie Littleknight, the other was a Sylf Witch whos name I beleive was Mae’l. We returned to this strange place to explore the rooms we missed and came across a room with a pedestal filled with dirty water, I tested it with the silver dagger and nothing happend. But we still had a bad feeling about it so we left it be. Upon continueing to the next room there was a fountain with pikes with skulls on top compleatly around i. And a strange liquid in the back. There were also 2 so called Wrath Chickens so while the Mage put one to sleep I went to battle the other. As I single handedly took it out with nothing but a scratch some sort of Imp, I belive a Quasit, attacked the others. But I went to finish off the other Wrath Chicken seeing as I had no ranged weapons. But after even the second was defeated the Creature was still fighting my compaions. So I went up to it and taunted it to bring it to my level. It worked, so myself and the Mage kept trying to grab ahold of the small slippery bitch but to no avail. Finaly after a long anoying fight we suceaded to kill the damn thing. I went to look at the Strange liquid in the back and discovered it was liquid Wrath. Wanting to discover more about it and also thinking it could be useful I tryed to carefuly bottle some so as to take it with us… That’s were it gets Hazzy… My companions…Im sorry…

New Companions

Upon returning to Sandpoint with Tsuto unconscious and bound, we were greeted by the sheriff and five adventurers. Sandpoint has apparently put out a call for adventurers to help us with the goblins and their masters whoever they are. There was a female dwarf cleric, a female elf fighter, two male human monks who are apparently brothers, and a male human wizard who seems a bit old to me to be just starting his adventuring career. The sheriff said they wished to join our party. Some of them seem a little overconfident to me. Was I like that when I arrived here? If the rest of this adventure is anything like what Draven and I went through, they may lose some of that confidence.
Draven isn’t very happy about how many tall people there are. He suggested we not take anyone but the female dwarf cleric, but I got him to agree to letting them in the party. I somehow ended up leader of this ragtag bunch. Draven says it’s because I’m the shortest. I think it’s because he doesn’t want it.
We discussed with the sheriff and out new companions what was discovered in Tsuto’s journal. The wizard says that we’re dealing with some pretty nasty demons. We believe that the woman that Tsuto is in love with is the daughter of the priest that died in the fire and whose body was stolen. She is trying to transform into something else. Possibly into a succubi. I suppose we’ll see when the time comes.
After making sure everyone was geared up we headed back to the glassworks. On the way, we were attacked by four of those goblin dogs Draven and I fought. The combat was swift and deadly. Draven took out the first one before any of the rest of us could move. I’m glad his combat skills are improving.
The monk brothers took on the two dogs Draven wasn’t near. One of them, Ryu I think his name was, is almost as bad as Draven was when he and I teamed up. I hope he improves too.
The wizard is a strange one. I didn’t know they carried swords much less could send them flying through the air at an opponent and have them return. His blow was devastating. I’m glad to have him in the party.
The dogs were dispatched rather easily, only one of the monk brothers getting minorly injured. I told our cleric to save her spells for a truly dire need and gave one of my cure moderate potions to the monk.
Once we reached the glassworks, Draven and I led the others through the building to ensure we didn’t miss anything before before heading down to the tunnels below. They seem to travel right underneath the city. This is how they’re getting into the city unnoticed. It must be.
While scouting ahead, Draven and the monk brothers discovered and quickly killed what the others told me was a “sin spawn of wrath”. I’ve never seen something uglier. Except maybe Draven in the morning. That’s a sight even the most hardened adventurer would be disturbed by. The wizard has dubbed the creature a “wrath chicken” for some odd reason. Humans are so strange.
While exploring the caves and the rooms therein we discovered a statue made of some kind of red stone. Draven took the weapon it was holding. I hope he knows how to use that thing. In a prison room near the statue, the monk brothers were ambushed by two more wrath chickens. We swarmed them and they had no chance against us. Only minor injuries again. We may just make it out of this thing alive.

Arriving in Sandpoint

I have arrived in Sandpoint for their celebration. It’s a bustling little town. Perhaps I can find a new home here. The people seem friendly enough.
I’ve met another adventurer, a Dwarf rogue named Draven. He’s a strange man. Very paranoid. But we are both new and he seems to be friendly enough. We’ve agreed to stick together for a time.
Just as the ceremonies are starting, there is a scream and goblins began appearing out of no where. These people are helpless against the swarm of monsters. Draven and I decide it is our duty as adventurers to help them in their time of need.
The battles are…difficult. Draven has an eccentric way of handling things. He tried to flip a cart with a goblin on it several times. He wasn’t very successful. I used a much more effective method and just fired my bow at the goblins.
Unfortunately, we were swarmed. I thought we were surly dead. Thankfully for us, the guards showed up in the nick of time and helped us.
While we were cleaning up, we heard a dog yelp. We ran to its aid and found several more goblins and a hideous goblin dog attacking a nobleman and his dog. Sadly, we did not save the dog. The nobleman, one Aldren Foxglove, was very grateful for our help and said he would like us to join him for a hunt.
When we returned to Sandpoint, we were crowned the heroes of Sandpoint for our service. The people are very thankful. Draven and I discuss it and decide we’ll stick around to investigate their goblin problem.
The next day, we go to Aldren’s manor to join him for a hunt. He gifts us with horses to thank us for saving him. I’ve never ridden something as large as this. It’s rather intimidating.
We went for a marvelous hunt. Aldren seems rather impressed with my bow skills. He seems rather impressed by me in general. He’s a very sweet man. A bit strange at times, but very nice. I’m glad to have saved him.
Draven, Aldren, and I then went back to the Inn we were staying at to have the owner Amiko Kaijitsu cook up our catch. Not long into our celebration, a man bursts in and begins yelling in some language I don’t understand. Amiko comes out and yells right back at him in the language. He gets upset at Draven and I for helping the town and then he leaves. Aldren informs us that was Amiko’s father Lonjiku Kaijitsu. He owns the glass works in town.
After Aldren leaves, Draven and I find a woman who is screaming about a monster in her home. We go with her to try to assist her husband and child, but apparently a goblin who had been hiding in the son’s closet had eaten the father’s face. Rather gruesome stuff. We gather as many clues as we can from the goblin, who thankfully spoke Common, as well as the room itself. We find out the goblins are being led by someone not of their race. One of the tall races. They call them “long shanks”.
On our way to speak to the sheriff, one of the workers from the inn comes to us and tells us Amiko is missing and she is likely at the glass works. We agree to go look for her.
Of course we just found more Goblins when we got there. I’m beginning to hate these things. Draven and I hunt down every single one of them and kill them. They’ve murdered not only the workers, but also Lonjiku as well. His death was more sophisticated than the deaths of the workers. He is stuck to a window, now cooled molten glass poured over his body. More gruesome stuff.
We search the glass works and find Amiko tied up in a closet. She tells us that her brother Tsuto is behind this and he was the one that killed their father. We let her go and search around some more. We soon found Tsuto and some goblins, dispatching the goblins and capturing him. We try to find out more from him, but he’s less than inclined to cooperate. I knock him out and we begin our journey to bring him to the sheriff.


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